Tips and tricks Please read for know how to use well this platform!

What its litecoinads! is an ptc that pays instantly in litecoin using faucetpay and micro payment platforms. You can earn money and you can advertise cheaply to make your business grow exponentially
In this guide we will teach how to use the platform

first steeps

After you login for first time The first thing you have to do is go to your profile and put some data from where you want to receive the money generated (see images) remember that we pay payeer coinpayments (this is direct to wallet) and jsecoin

steep 2 activate your google F2A for security reasons!
click on the images to see bigger :P

Now we are ready to earn but how?

we pproceed to explain the litecoinads sections and how earn money!

ptc ads

In this section you can see ads and get money in your main balance (the number of ads shown depends on the advertisers of that day and the location of where you live) everything you get you can withdraw immediately without waiting

Traffic exchange

In this section you can see ads in exchange for traffic balance This balance cannot be withdrawn, it serves to be able to advertise for free and get referrals for your favorite pages or if you have a power to send visits!

Traffic grid

In this section you can earn rented referrals every day for viewing ads, the number of ads and the probability of winning are given by the membership you have available

Short claim

In this section you can earn an extra litoshis by seeing and completing some link shorteners that are placed, the shorteners are part of a third party team so the litecoinads team has nothing to do with the reward or with the difficulty to claim


In this section you can earn litoshis for the main balance by watching ads and completing daily tasks. The rewards are given by the website and by the membership we have active at that time.

Paid to view

Offered by the asia-mag blog allows us to view your blog 15 times a day in exchange for some extra litoshis, it is an excellent way to increase our daily income

the benefits of upgrade

Upgrading our account can be the best way to increase our long-term earnings, It makes all the ads give us much more as well as the referrals we have, also the offers and other tasks will give us much more than the free users, we also added a major commission for purchases made by our referrals within the platform!


On this website we offer a wide variety of advertising methods for your business to level up or to get those long-awaited referrals from the pages you work on the internet, the ads are part of an investment to earn more in the long term and from litecoinads we want make it the best possible
we have them very tight in such a way that litecoinads do not get benefits from these ads everything is intended for users
We offer special monthly packages if anyone is interested write an email to to know more


The referrals are users that we recommend using this platform and as part of the effort that users make to recommend the site we offer them an addition depending on what these users do on the platform this is one of the best ways to earn money within litecoinads. com we explain a little how they work

direct referrals

achieved directly through a link, promoting that link or showing it to our friends and family, when they register they become our referral giving us some benefits for the actions they do

Rented referrals

These referrals cost money, they are users who have registered on the platform without anyone having sent them an affiliate link, the platform allows them to rent to these users and putting them as if they were direct referrals, a great discount is offered when renewing the referrals that more profits give us

referral tools

The litecoinads platform puts at your disposal all possible means to help you get new users under your referral line, making it easier to get these valuable users can be promoted on any website

revenue share

Well this is the hardest part of explaining the first thing we have to say is that it is not a magic bender or an investment page is simply a profit sharing
the operation is simple, there are some advertising packages that give us visits and in turn as long as there are benefits because they will distribute benefits daily up to a maximum limit
If there are no benefits, there is no profit sharing, it is something that must be taken into account for the voucher and why do they share benefits? well it is a way to keep certain users connected daily to get a benefit so they are distributed


Adpacks are the special advertising packages of revenue sharing With this purchase of packages we help maintain the profit sharing pool while we get some visitors to the website we want each one has a cost and a maximum roi

profit distribution

The distribution is made daily and the requirement is to see 10 daily announcements so that the next day they give us the% that corresponds to us according to the number of active packages and the benefits of the page available


The pool is a method where all the money generated is saved to be able to distribute it every day
this pool is filled with the adpacks we buy and with banners, surf ads and commissions, the amount left over is added the next day to that the next day if there are no purchases you can continue to distribute money