changes 02/03/2019 6/2/2019 2:39:07 AM

happy days users  we have done a changes for the website

due the low click on external ads and so low upgraded members and ads purchased we do some changes for this page still paying for years

at the moment we do this

free members

-->reduced ptc click from 620 to 500

-->reducedreferral click from 62 to 50



---> still as now  1500 ptc 150 reff click and more ads


premium gold

new premium category

-->ptc click 3500

--->reff 350

---> more ads


we reduced a bit the price of ptc ads 12% less aprox


im working on vids and external payout and i try to find advertisers


03/06/2019  new referral contest start



thanks to all and sorry