News and update! 04/16/20 4/16/2020 11:13:09 AM

hello litecoinads users!!

we go to post the new updates we add in this days and the news!


first of all jsecoin platform will close! then  we removed the mining share and the jsecoin payments

New freature!

the new freature is the captchaclaim this new freature have a captcha and when you complete you get an instant reward! you can do many times as you want! is unlimited! only you need to complete hcaptchas!

the reward is 200 per claim

increase reward for the faucet and asiamag

we doubled the amouth for asi-mag before is 850 ltc for each view now is 2000 enter and complete this easy task asia-mag

and from faucet we increase a bit the rewards!! enter to faucet

Stay at home and healthy for continue earning money!!