changes and news! 10/24/2020 6:45:03 PM

News from litecoinads!


New freatures added
  1. Freedollars claim!

This new freature contains a box with your reff number,then press on google to go to the blog and follow the steeps, you can earn aprox 1500 x15 times each days for surfer this website! go here

About silver coins!

Silver coins are a free currency,we gives to you for free when you watch ptc ads or when you invite referrals,this coins have a value of 5 litoshi and you can swap here to main balance or purchase balance

Payeer problems withdraws

I saw many users trying to withdraw payeer using ltc address!,this is a error to payeer you must put your payeer account, example P123124123432,otherwise,with ltc address the fee for send is huge (0.01) 


About the future!

We are working to add a direct withdraw and new freatures,we work slowly but we are doing good changes! remember to follow us on our twitter for see any news


new changes!