news and changes 1/6/2021 2:51:54 PM

Hello litecoinads users:

We have made a series of very drastic changes to the website due to many factors.

We start with the most important:

Adpacks: they have been eliminated as they worked badly and we have returned the cost of the adpacks to main balance

Currency system: now everything will be won and will be shown in dollars, last week the litecoin rose more than $ 100 and we lost a lot of money since we have to buy litecoin and it is very expensive for that reason now it will be shown in dollars


We have enabled the option to withdraw in bitcoin litecoin and dogecoin, we must transfer the desired balance to the wallet that we want to withdraw, we have a failure and the system does not let us put the email for faucetpay, we are working on it to solve it as quickly as possible

The withdrawal of the main balance to faucetpay is made in Bitcoin

The cost of the ads and the users' earnings are adjusted to the maximum so that the user earns approximately what the advertiser spends, with this we hope to have a greater number of ads

Prices have been adjusted based on other similar web pages

At the moment as we have returned all the money from the adpacks there is too much active balance for this reason we have enabled a system of weekly and daily maximums to pay little by little and not pay everything at once

we have enabled a referral contest that will end on 1/2/2021

We make all these changes to be able to continue paying and remain active, if we had not made them this page would be almost doomed to closure

we are sorry for the inconvenience caused


new changes!